Virtual CISOs

Cyber Security Speed’s highly experienced virtual information security managers will create effective security programs to improve your organization’s overall security posture.

First level vCISOs

Our vCISOs will create incident response plans, security operations centers, training and awareness programs, vulnerability management programs, governance, risk and compliance programs, identity and access management programs, software assurance programs and more. Our vCISOs will be an extension of your leadership team and will drive key initiatives for your company.

These are the advantages of contracting the CISO service with us

  • Our team is highly skilled in creating optimal security programs. 
  • We lead your team with an intelligent and disruptive vision. 
  • Driving efficient initiatives with high-impact results.  

Other Related Services

Identity and access management program

Identity management for the most demanding business needs.

Cybersecurity compliance

Ensure proper compliance with cybersecurity regulations for your information.

Cybersecurity Project Management

Obtain a global and centralized view of the results of the various security audits.

Let's improve the cybersecurity of your business together.

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